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Lyudmil Haidutov


Ever since he was a child, Lyudmil’s eyes have been wide open to the marvellous details of the surrounding life. This determines his academic path to ecology, his work on projects related to biodiversity, his hobby of growing tropical plants – found in plant nurseries, not collected from the wild.
The natural and therefore full of twists and turns flow of circumstances leads Lyudmil to a whole new world – the world of the food and the connections it creates between people and between people and nature. Currently, he is the editor at a publishing and media company specialised in food and wine themes. He is also a post-graduate student at the Institute of Biodiversity and Ecosystem Research at the Bulgarian Academy of Sciences, working on a dissertation on traditional plant foods in Bulgaria’s mountainous regions.

Besides being a Natural Explorer, Lyudmil is also member and activist of the global organisation Slow Food, and in the summer there is a good chance that you’ll see him manage kitchens at festivals and camps.