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Natanail Stefanov


Natanail Stefanov loves Bulgaria and has committed himself to working for the economic, social and spiritual well-being of our country. He is keenly interested in (social) entrepreneurship, formal and informal education, economy, business, art, culture, and social activities. He has worked on various projects for different organisations, including international corporations, starting and local businesses, NGOs and public sector organisations. The company he currently manages aims at helping small Bulgarian businesses and organisations become more successful. He also teaches at the Faculty of Economics and Business Administration, St Kliment Ohridski Sofia University, and is the co-founder of a hardware start-up. He loves spending his scarce spare time with his friends and family, making new friends, travelling, roaming the mountains, reading, contemplating while riding his bike, and making noise with his drums. He enjoys the little things in life, cherishes his relationships with people, respects the good old values and strives to preserve his childhood spirit.