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Nikol Lazarova


I am the thousands of questions I have and the lack of a simple answer. I search, feel and experience through myself the world around me in an attempt to understand the laws that drive us.

Communicating with nature helps me see them – nature gives that sense of connectedness and truth that is hard to feel in the city. Its beauty fills me and with all of its power provokes me to get closer to it, to be more natural. To feel the living beings around me as one with me and with everything.

For me, the connection with nature and the connection between us as humans, as a community, as humanity, are important steps towards achieving harmony. Learning with love and a smile, accepting what is here and now, what IS and sharing this state of mind inspire me and keep me going.

My favourite activities include photography, music, people, philosophies, and recently I’ve also taken up juggling, climbing and translating. I love organizing events of various kinds, and I regard volunteering as a means of mutual exchange that goes beyond material possessions. I dream of a school and a shared home in nature.

Natural Explorers is the natural next step in my pursuits, a space where I can develop and apply my skills, and expand my boundaries together with everyone who comes into contact with our magic.