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Petya Dimova


My name is Petya and I come from Veliko Tarnovo – the town where, as locals joke, there are only three directions – uphill, downhill and by the stairs. J I would describe myself as a translator, nature lover, amateur photographer and volunteer with a passion for rugged terrains which I owe not only to my hometown, but also to my parents. I was 4 when they took my sister and me camping for a week (it seems a bit crazy now to me, and I am infinitely thankful for their bravery!) at Bundershka Polyana in Pirin. And ever since, I have been in love with the mountains, with the scents of resin, wild strawberries and thyme, with the mosses’ lavish green, with the bark of the mighty Bosnian pines that always reminds me of dragon skin, with the colourful pebbles in the clear streams, and with the bottomless night sky under which one feels at one with the stars, the Earth and oneself.

That is why I support Natural Explorers with all my heart in their mission to help as many children meet the Mountain as possible – a mission, which is getting more and more urgent and important as our society is getting more and more detached from Nature. Because as John Muir said more than a hundred years ago, ‘The clearest way into the Universe is through a forest wilderness’. Into oneself too, I would add.