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Stoyan Kostadinov/Stoyo

team member, youth work

I study Anthropology at the New Bulgarian University because I am interested in getting to know different cultures, the individual in society and the way one is connected to others as well as to nature.
I care about nature conservation and preserving nature in its wildest form.
I am an active volunteer in both of these fields.
I am interested in philosophy, psychology and non-formal methods of education, and ever since my early years at high school I’ve been fascinated by all forms of art. I love spending my spare time in nature. I love finding nature and being close to it in the city as well. It inspires my art.

Challenging myself is something important for me. That is why I love travelling, and most of all I love hitch-hiking, going outside of the trodden paths, lying on the remotest beaches and meeting with the people who stand out of the crowd, because I find them inspiring. All of these are the stuff of stories.