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I take this to heart, because for one reason or another for me, while I was growing up, the mountains were something I often thought about and dreamed of, but there was no way and who to go with, who could take me and show me. I am taking part in the initiative because I want the mountains to be more accessible to other young people who like me just dream of them and there is no one to take them there and show them. For myself, I can say that the mountains are the best teacher I’ve ever had. I have found much more about the world and myself, spending time there.

For me, the mountains are a friend, a second home, a place filled with humility and meaning, but also a teacher who puts various tests before me. Working with children is my calling and I think that all children should spend as much time as possible there, getting in touch with the naturalness and sincerity of nature because, as I said, I think she is the best teacher.