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A natural-born nature lover and natural explorer, Evgeni never stops discovering and gaining knowledge of the endless beauty of the surrounding natural world and human relationships. Since 1997 when he discovered his love for the mountain, he has been incessantly learning, experiencing and acquiring skills he had never imagined he would come across and develop – mountain biking, alpinism, rock climbing, ecology, psychology and, of course, the desire to work with people and pass on the knowledge and the joyful emotions he has gained. As an outdoor instructor (since 2005), Evgeni has been accumulating knowledge in the field of experiential learning and informal education which lay the foundation of his passion for teaching and working with children, youths and adults in an informal and calm setting like nature, which is often unknown to many of us. With keenness and a sense for the kindness, compassion and willingness to help that every one of us has, he gets to know and develop the irreplaceable sensations called happiness and love for everything that surrounds us and comes into contact with us, and he pays these forward for a world full of more smiles and love.