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From the standpoint of learning, age is a means. Each age has its own characteristics and capabilities, and when we know them, we can adequately serve the needs and abilities of each participant. In addition to this, we use individual approach and the space of each participant in our events, supplied with supporting tools.

Talking about age, we work with children and adults, with growing and grown-ups, with beginners and old hands. We give such importance to age because we want to say that we know its many faces – we organise experiential camps and take children and youths aged between 8 and 18 to the mountain, we carry out trainings for people who are 18+, and we also realise volunteering initiatives that have no age limits. Age deserves a special place because it carries information and sets frames.

Age provides us with a set of parameters that help us prepare and develop the process of each interaction with a group of participants. We always leave room for surprise, for the manifestation of the participants’ personal experiences and knowledge. Because sometimes the information from the numbers doesn’t match the mental and psychological growth of the respective person.