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The environment is a facilitator, the venue, the space where the event takes place. The environment is an important element in any instance of learning. We can use it purposefully and efficiently to support the learning process.

According to Natural Explorers’ values ​​and experiences, being in the natural environment – in the woods, in the meadow, by the waves, on the path, under the sky – anywhere in the open air, is the best means of opening to oneself, the surroundings and the ongoing process. When your feet are standing directly on the ground, your nose is sensing the fragrances, your lungs are taking in the freshness of the air, your eyes are enjoying the beauty, and your hands can touch the life around – then the experience is complete and you get closer to yourself. Every time you are in the open air, you get closer to yourself.

The urban environment has its beautiful sides and advantages as well. The dynamics of the city, the proximity of places and events, the boundaries of the walls and windows, the focused vision and thought, the diversity of images and characters are part of the strengths of the urban environment. We are efficient here as well.
We strive for balance.