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Why should I become a volunteer?

As a volunteer in Natural Explorers, you have the opportunity

to experience the nature of things side by side with professional natural explorers dedicated to learning with love, constant self-discovery and the pursuit of a better life;

to ignite your passion for constant learning and awareness;

to find a friendly environment in which to develop your skills and receive support;

to participate actively in the change towards a more beautiful world;

sharing the joy of life. 

At any time, you will find interesting tasks related to the development and realisation of Natural Explorers’ activities – campaigns and projects, trainings, experiential programmes and events, leading and developing processes and developing volunteering, of course.

Our current activity is focused on the ‘Mountain, I Love You!’ campaign, which has a group of volunteers.

What tasks are volunteers involved in?
Concrete and consistent with the needs of the activity / initiative / organisation;
depending on your needs and interests in the respective moment,
and your skills.

The meeting:
Meetings with the volunteers take place every two weeks or so, and their aim is for us to meet , get to know each other, share what’s new – what has happened, what we’ve achieved and what is yet to come. We share what we’ve learned and celebrate. And then we act, together.

If you have any questions – read more about us, what we do and the initiatives we support, or write to us.