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Challenge yourself – come to a hike in the mountain

Challenge yourself – come to a hike in the mountain

06 – 07 February, Vitosha Nature Park

Can you challenge yourself and make a winter hike in a group on two trails in Vitosha? Do you want to meet the winter mountains and yourself? Are you ready for new friends and new knowledge?

Challenge Yourself – Come To A Hike In The Mountain is a programme for young people aged 11-13 who want to meet the mountains in winter, test their strength, have fun and discover a real experience and new friends. Going to the mountains in the winter requires determination, skills and knowledge. If you have the necessary determination, our experienced mountain guides and instructors will help you gain the skills and knowledge, lead you through the mountain and show you its beauty and power. We will have fun and learn from each other.

During the hikes, we will have a real winter experience even though the trails are well-trodden. We will share basic knowledge and skills for staying and moving in the mountains, how to navigate in a natural environment, what is a nature park and how to achieve successful teamwork. And, of course, we will have fun. The whole adventure will happen through the “experiential learning” method and many games and fun activities (for more information about experiential learning click here)

The itinerary has been prepared and will be carried out by Natural Explorers’ professional mountain guides and instructors specialized in working outdoors with children and young people.


Day 1 – a hike from Boyana quarter to Kamen Del hut and back

9:00 o’clock. We’ll gather at our starting point – the little garden below Boyansko Hanche, Boyana quarter

9:30 o’clock. We’ll head south, in order to enter Vitosha Nature Park. Once we cross the border of the park, we’ll stop briefly to get to know each other and begin with the basic techniques of moving in the mountains. We’ll take the path to Boyana Lake where we’ll have a rest with a sip of tea and talk about Vitosha Nature Park. From there, we’ll continue along the path through an old beech forest to Kamen Del hut where a hot soup will be waiting for us for lunch. The time to get to the hut is 3 hours and a half, during which we’ll practice the right behaviour in the mountains.

13:00 o’clock. Arrival at Kamen Del hut. When we get to the hut, we’ll eat and rest. After an hour, we’ll go out in front of the hut to play in the snow and enjoy the mountain – we’ll make a snow cave, an igloo, a snow bivouac, snow-men, and play games. We’ll learn and have fun.

15:30 o’clock. We’ll head back to Boyana. Before we part, we’ll pause to share our impressions of the past day.

17:00 o’clock. End of the hike at the same place where we started from – garden below Boyansko Hanche.

Day 2 – a hike from Knyazhevo quarter to Beli Brezi Ecocentre and back

9:00 o’clock. We’ll gather at our starting point – in the little garden of Knyazhevo quarter (The last stop of tram №5)

9:30 o’clock. We’ll head south again, to Vitosha Nature Park. Once we get on its territory, we’ll play a game to warm up and get to know each other, and we’ll include one of the elements of orienteering in the mountains. Then, we’ll continue southwest to Byalata Voda area where we’ll take a break and have some tea. There, we’ll talk about other methods of orienteering in the mountains. Having gained new knowledge and regained energy, we’ll set out on our trail, past the Dendrarium where we’ll have a short break and a discussion on the topic “What is a Dendrarium?”. From there, in 30 minutes we’ll reach our goal for the day – Beli Brezi Ecocentre. The total time to get there is 3 hours.

12:30 o’clock. Arrival at Beli Brezi Ecocentre. We’ll sit in the tea room where we’ll eat the lunch we carry from home. With full bellies and “recharged batteries”, we’ll go out and play in the snow with new games and our imagination. We’ll also visit the Museum of the Owl.

15:30 o’clock. Time to go back. “You’re leading now” to where we started from will be the game on our way back. Before we part, we’ll share our impressions of the experiences throughout the day.

17:00 o’clock. End of the hike – see you soon in the mountains ☺

Necessary equipment:

  1. Winter hiking shoes
  2. A winter jacket and a pair of mountaineering trousers
  3. Two pairs of warm socks – one on the feet + one spare
  4. A pair of winter gloves + a spare pair
  5. Winter cap
  6. Warm blouse – thermal wear
  7. A backpack – 15 litres
  8. A thermos – 0.75 litres (instead of a plastic bottle of water)
  9. A mug or a PVC reusable use cup
  10. Sunscreen, a small container



Each participant must be between 11 and 13 years of age.

On the day of the hike each participant must be in good health, which must be certified with a declaration filled in by one of the parents. The blank declaration will be handed out to the parent upon enrolling in the programme and confirms the parent’s consent.

Children can participate either in both days or in just one of the days.

Food for the two days must be provided by the participants themselves – please bear in mind that on the first day there will be a delicious meal for lunch at the place where we are going – Kamen Del hut, while at the place where we are going on the second day – Beli Brezi Ecocentre – there will be no food available. It is good to have one or two sandwiches and something sweet. On the second day the sandwiches must be three or four. It is better to bring a thermos with tea instead of a plastic bottle of water.

The hikes will take place with at least 6 or at most 12 participants.

The organisers reserve the right to make changes to the itinerary if weather conditions deteriorate.

Participation fee: 50 levs for two days, 25 levs for one day.

The fee includes mountain insurance.

To receive more information and reserve your place:

0899424172 – Emil Ivanov, info@estestvoizpitateli.org