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Vitamin N: meetings with the mountain

Vitamin N: meetings with the mountain

Uneco Eco club and Natural Explorers had been dreaming to do something together for quite a while now, and here it is – our first co-creation!

Vitamin N: Meetings with the Mountain

With six consecutive meetings, we will show you our relationship with nature and the mountains as we feel it. We will talk about the different ways to get closer to it and bring it back into our daily lives because we deeply believe that … we ourselves are nature.

Inspired by Richard Louve and his book “Vitamin N” (nature), we decided to tell you how and where we can get this “vitamin”. The topic is big, so we’ll call friends who take daily doses of Vitamin N to help by sharing their personal experiences and showing us the shortcuts to N – mountains and nature.

Venue: Sofia University, New Conference Hall

Time: 18:30

Free entrance

Vitamin N comes to us in six doses, which are to be taken on the following days:

21 March – Introduction: Who are we and why Vitamin N?

4 April – Professions in the mountains

18 April – Sport, entertainment, adventure

2 May – Experiential learning in nature

16 May – Volunteering in the mountains

30 May – Conclusion: Do I want Vitamin N and where can I find it?

Before usage, clear your head, breathe deeply and… take in.

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