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The bag with a capital “B”

At the beginning of November, we asked the followers of our Facebook page, ‘What product would it be nice and effective to have our logo printed?’. Then Yoana, a university student and a creative person, contacted us and offered to make painted bags for us, sharing the joy of her participation in the undertaking. It was a big moment!

At such moments, magic happens – all “stars” – separate focal points – love for the mountains, relationship to nature, a young person with inspiration and professional support, and more – align! Yoana rolled up her sleeves and began painting. And so she created more than 50 bags, each of which is unique and carries the signature of a young person’s love and attitude towards the mountains and children and youths. We are infinitely grateful to Yoana for joining us and for her inspiration and free support, with which she made the bags with a capital “B”. Yoana drew the bags ‘Mountain I Love You!’ free of charge, and the donations raised with their purchase will be invested in holding the mountain camps in the ‘Mountain, I Love You!’ campaign.

Here is what Yoana shares about herself and her participation in the campaign:

„I take this to heart, because for one reason or another for me, while I was growing up, the mountains were something I often thought about and dreamed of, but there was no way and who to go with, who could take me and show me. I am taking part in the initiative because I want the mountains to be more accessible to other young people who like me just dream of them and there is no one to take them there and show them. For myself, I can say that the mountains are the best teacher I’ve ever had. I have found much more about the world and myself, spending time there. For me, the mountains are a friend, a second home, a place filled with humility and meaning, but also a teacher who puts various tests before me. Working with children is my calling and I think that all children should spend as much time as possible there, getting in touch with the naturalness and sincerity of nature because, as I said, I think she is the best teacher.”

When we discover a person like Yoana, or she/he discovers us, this is a cause for celebration for us! Our “stars” are aligned!

If you want to give a child or a youth access to the mountains or a friend a bag with a capital “B”, or if you want to join our mission, you can do it at the Challenge Days festival, 3-5 December 2018, University of Architecture, Civil Engineering and Geodesy or online at our Facebook page or at estestvoizpitateli@gmail.com.

And don’t forget about Buffy – the faithful friend in the mountains that also gives children and youths a present in the shape of adventure.

With much enthusiasm for exploring the natural

Natural Explorers ☺

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