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‘Mountain, I love you!‘s camp

‘Mountain, I love you!‘s camp

Summer is at its height, and work at Natural Explorers is in full swing. Up until yesterday Natural Explorers were (and a part of the team still is) having adventures with children and youths in three mountains ☺  together with our friends and colleagues from Bikearea, Reverso and the Scouts Club. So we hope you’ll forgive us for being late with the news about the camp of ‘Mountain, I Love You!’. We managed to share some photos right after the event, and now are adding our words to them.

The first camp of the ‘Mountain, I Love You!’ project – campaign was as exciting as falling in love for the first time.

As we were setting up the new tents and rolling out the new sleeping mats and sleeping bags to make our camp, we felt a deep sense of gratitude towards our benefactors who believed in us, supported us and keep on supporting us. Lyubomir Popyordanov was the first of them with Stenata shops and Odysseia-In, donating 6,000 levs and giving us access to high quality equipment; followed by Biotiful farm with 200 levs, Madlen Tahova – 100 levs, and Miroslav Nikolov – 250 levs. Thank you for the support, the trust and the inspiration!

We thank the keepers of Chakur Voyvoda hut who took care of us, providing us with food, cosiness and warmth, and participated in our games.

We thank the Mountain for letting us in and showing us its beauties, the rain, the sun, the wind, the wildlife.

When we climbed mount Shatur, we felt elated, happy and joyful. From the top, we sent our messages to all of the children on Earth – wishing them to be able to feel free and joyful like us, and to have the chance to become friends with the mountains.

THANK YOU! ☺ also on behalf of the youths who got to meet the Mountain and themselves, and spent 5 unforgettable days together.

While we were learning along young people about going in the mountains, orienteering and the equipment needed for these, about nature parks and national parks, they were eagerly absorbing the knowledge, and as we found ourselves engrossed in playing games and laughing together, we realised our dreams are coming true! And this is only the beginning! ☺

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