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Our first camp begins

Our first camp begins

The first free mountain adventure camp of the ‘Mountain, I Love You!’ campaign has found its participants. We thank all of the people, organisations, groups and media who helped us spread the information about the camp and find participants. We thank the first Benefactors – Natural Explorers whose support made this adventure possible – Stenata shops, one of the main benefactors not only for the camp – they have also donated us mountain equipment; and Madlen Tahova, and Biotiful farm. As we start preparing, both we, as organisers and fairies of nature and the youths who have the chance to take part in this adventure, feel a wave of excitement. May we have many new  Benefactors – Natural Explorers and many more camps, so that we can strengthen the relationship between children and youths and nature, and build a network of young friends of the mountains.

From the top of the mountain, one can see a lot. Vast expanses, meadows, rivers and woods. There, on top of the mountain, you can see the friend next to you – the one you can count on when it‘s tough and when it‘s easy. On top of the mountain, you can take a peek inside yourself too. In order to find peace, to contemplate and to smile at yourself and the world.

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