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The ‘Mountain, I love you!’ buff is here!!!

The ‘Mountain, I love you!’ buff is here!!!

The ‘Mountain, I Love You!’ buff is here!!!
In our quest to take more children to the mountains, we created this buff (headband). Our goal was to make something useful and practical to carry the message of ‘Mountain, I Love You!’ campaign to raise funds with – donations for achieving our mission. The buff can be used in a variety of ways (see the photos) and is a great gift.  Each purchase of a buff contributes to the realisation of mountain camps for children and young people who have not met the mountains yet and have no opportunity to do so. This is also a great way to show our relationship with mountains and nature.

The amount – donation for one buff is 10 levs. You can order it by writing to us at: estestvoizpitateli@gmail.com or our Facebook page, and we will get back to you to arrange the delivery.

Give young people nature. Give nature to yourself and your family and friends.

Many smiles and cheerful mood!

note: buff is an official product name but it is also used as a general term for a headband of any brand the same way xerox and others are used as general terms.

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