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Berghaus equipment

Berghaus equipment

When you buy a product by BERGHAUS in Stenata shops, you help a child and a youth go to the mountains.

BERGHAUS – the world-class brand, can be found in Stenata shops and its products have a tag with a fir-cone on it. This tag says that by purchasing these goods, you donate to the ‘Mountain, I Love You!’ campaign, thus supporting our cause of children and youths’ stronger and permanent relationship with the mountains, greater access to the mountains and an informed choice. Thank you ☺. We also thank Stenata and Lyubo Popyordanov for their support and inspiration. You can find more information about the campaign here: goo.gl/7hNASL

Berghaus’ story begins in the late 1960s with Peter Lockey and Gordon Davison, climbers and mountaineers, who opened a small shop to offer quality equipment. The shop quickly gained a good reputation, and soon the two began making and testing their own products – high quality clothes created with climbers’ real needs in mind. This is how the Berghaus (litreally “a mountain house” in German) brand was born.