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Buff equipment

Buff equipment

When you buy a product by BUFF in Stenata shops, you help a child and a youth go to the mountains.

Last week we presented you DEUTER. Today we will tell you more about BUFF.

BUFF is another iconic brand offered by Stenata shops, and its products also have a tag with a fir-cone on it. This tag says that by purchasing these goods, you donate to the ‘Mountain, I Love You!’ campaign, thus supporting our cause of children and youths’ stronger and permanent relationship with the mountains, greater access to the mountains and an informed choice. Thank you ☺. We also thank Stenata and Lyubo Popyordanov for their support and inspiration. You can find more information about the campaign here: goo.gl/7hNASL

Buff was born out of one man’s desire to ride his motorcycle without being bothered by the cold and the wind. Juan Rojas from the small town of Igualada, near Barcelona, ​​was always on his bike. But something was missing – something that would stop the wind, protect his neck and face and at the same time be light, warm and comfortable. Something that, however, was missing on the market. This was not a hindrance to Juan, who after a year of sketches, experiments with the design and different fabrics and, of course, tests by himself, found the solution – a seamless accessory with a tubular shape made of microfiber. Thus, the BUFF – the multifunctional accessory – was born, and only ten years later we can hardly imagine spending time outdoors without it. In the beginning, only Juan and his family and friends wore buffs – but the innovative design could not go unnoticed. More and more people were impressed and asked about this wonderful thing that could be worn like a bandana, a cap, a scarf, a face mask, an arm band, a wrist band, a hair band … It wasn’t long before Juan Rojas started mass production to meet the demand and needs of people. Made of light and thin fabrics for the summer, and of polar or merino for winter models, BUFF has quickly succeeded in becoming a must-have for all active people who spend their time outdoors, devoted to freedom and their favourite sport.