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Julbo equipment

Julbo equipment

When you buy a product by JULBO in Stenata shops, you help a child and a youth go to the mountains.

JULBO is one of the brands whose products have a tag with a fir-cone on it. This tag says that by purchasing these goods, you donate to the ‘Mountain, I Love You!’ campaign, thus supporting our cause of children and youths’ stronger and permanent relationship with the mountains, greater access to the mountains and an informed choice. Thank you ☺. We also thank Stenata and Lyubo Popyordanov for their support and inspiration. You can find more information about the campaign here: goo.gl/7hNASL

The story of the most influential French brand for sunglasses began in 1888 in the Alps. In search of protection from the sun at higher altitudes, crystal hunters contacted Jules Baud who was a master optician in Chamonix and set him the task of finding a way to protect them from strong light. This is how the Cristalliers model was born, a real revolution in optics and the first product of the JULBO brand.

The next century marked the glorious years of mountaineering – the race for the highest peaks was in full swing, so glasses became more and more important. They were required to offer an all-round protection to the eyes, stopping not only the dangerous sun rays, but also the chilling wind and snow. To meet the needs of climbers and mountaineers, in 1950 JULBO created the first model of glacier glasses to help them reach their high goals with the right eye protection.

In the 70s, the eight-thousanders were no longer terra incognita, and JULBO used their names for its models – like Everest, Makalu and Annapurna. But this was not enough – they also needed to prove worthy of their names. JULBO began to test its glasses on the highest and hardest to peaks on Earth – Everest, K2, Gasherbrum, Broad Peak and Nanga Parbat, and the glasses were on the faces of the climbers who paved the way to the eight-thousanders.

The next decade came with a new challenge for JULBO – to create glasses for the most delicate and unprotected children’s eyes. Thus, in the 90s, the first series of glasses for the youngest was designed to protect them during their first outdoors walks and in the mountains.

The 21st century came with a real explosion in the popularity of sports – mountain biking, running, climbing, free ride skiing, ice climbing… Now people are no longer confined to just one activity. JULBO has been keeping up with the trends and focusing on creating multiport glasses that are fully adapted to the different sports. And its sophisticated high-tech lenses (Zebra, Zebra Light, Cameleon, Falcon) handle every challenge active people face.

Today, JULBO is an irrefutable leader in the production of sunglasses and ski masks. Using innovative technologies and working together with experts and specialists in mountain optics, the French company continues to preserve its rich heritage and to uphold its values in​​ the future. Always keeping active people in mind.