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Stenata – more than equipment shop

Stenata – more than equipment shop

When you purchase a product by DEUTER, BUFF, JULBO, BERGHAUS in Stenata shops, you help a child and a youth go to the mountains.

DEUTER, BUFF, JULBO, BERGHAUS are part of the iconic brands offered at Stenata shops. The products of these brands are marked with a fir-cone tag that informs that by purchasing these goods, you donate to the ‘Mountain, I Love You!’ campaign and thus support our cause to help children and youths build a stronger and permanent relationship with the mountains. This is a truly conscious choice. Thank you ☺. We also thank Lyubomir Popyordanov and Stenata shops for the support and partnership. More information about the campaign can be found here.

In the previous short articles, we told you about the history of each brand. Today, we will share the history of Stenata shops. At the beginning of the year, Stenata turned 20 years. Behind the place where everyone can find quality equipment there is much more than a shop. In the years since it was founded, Stenata has supported civil projects, environmental causes and developed the world of outdoors sports. For Stenata shops, the ‘Mountain, I Love You’ campaign is on the agenda in 2017, ‘during which we plan to save at least 1 lev on every sale of the brands we are distributing, so that at the end of May we can provide 6,000 levs. Mountains are around us, we have to build them a new community of friends – children and young people – who will go to them and love them. Thus we will help protect them. Tens of thousands of children from the big cities have never been to a mountain, in a tent, they do not know experiential learning,’ people from Stenata say.

You can read the whole story here.