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What? ‘Art for rights!’ youth exchange!

When? 22.07 – 31.07.2018

Where? Maardu, Estonia (16 km away from the capital Tallinn)

What is this thing called ‘youth exchange’? Natural Explorers are partners in several international projects for youth exchanges in the Erasmus+ programme. ‘Art of rights!’ is the first for the summer which seems to have arrived early this year.

What is the project about:

Human rights are something extremely important, obvious and natural! Quite often we appreciate them only when they are taken away. Do you know what rights you are born with? Do you know what to do if your rights are violated? Unfortunately, human rights are being violated every day in different parts of the world. Sometimes different artistic and art performances have much greater impact than words. During this project, participants will have the opportunity to practice different art activities, discuss human rights and related topics, and learn how they can make a change using art as the bearer of their message.

Working language of the project – English.

Who is this project for:

For youths aged 18-30 who are interested in human rights violations and who are also interested in or are engaged in art – drawing, sketching, doodling, dancing, graffiti and visual arts. Our Bulgarian group consists of 6 young people + a group leader for whom there is no age restriction.

How to apply:

If you feel you match the description and you want to develop your skills, knowledge and international friendships – write an email to estestvoizpitateli@gmail.com and simeonnaydeno@gmail.com (send a copy to both email addresses) by May 27th and tell us why you are interested in participating and what you are expecting to happen to you, share your interests and hobbies, and also what you know about human rights and what kind of art you like practicing. Don’t forget send us your full name and telephone number. We will contact you!

…and remember – the Earth without art is just ‘eh’ 😀

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