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Deuter equipment

Deuter equipment

When you buy a product by DEUTER in Stenata shops, you help a child and a youth go to the mountains.

DEUTER is one of the iconic brand offered by Stenata shops, and its products have a tag with a fir-cone on it. This tag says that by purchasing these goods, you donate to the ‘Mountain, I Love You!’ campaign, thus supporting our of children and youths’ stronger and permanent relationship with the mountains, greater access to the mountains and an informed choice. Thank you ☺. We also thank Lyubomir Popyordanov and  Stenata shops for their support and inspiration. You can find more information about the campaign here: goo.gl/7hNASL

DEUTER came into existence in 1898. The company’s founder was Hans Deuter, and at the beginning, it produced cloth bags and sacks to supply the Bavarian Royal Mail. With the onset of World War I, the demand for bags, backpacks, belts and tents increased, and DEUTER began expanding its range by adding leather products to the ones made of fabric.

In 1928, adventurer Willi Rickmers headed to the remotest parts of Pamir, and DEUTER provided the backpacks, bags, tents and covers for the expedition. This initiative marked the beginning of the company’s future development – with its main focus on climbers and mountaineers. DEUTER’s backpacks were used in almost all German expeditions of this period, including the first ascent of Eiger’s northern wall (1938) and Nanga Parbat (1953), and the brand was a must-have piece of equipment for climbers who were making first ascents and climbing summits.

People began searching for techniques and ways to make their efforts easier – thus, the first backpack made of synthetic materials and the revolutionary technology using mesh fabrics for better ventilation and comfort were born. In the late 1980s, a strong team of mountaineers, mountain bikers and mountain guides joined the company and actively participated in the development of new products. The active development of the company lead to the creation of the first bicycle backpack meeting the needs of people engaged in the increasingly popular mountain biking. The 90s came with an addition to the product range – the first sleeping bag was produced. The foundations of a joint partnership with the German Association of Ski and Mountain Guides were also laid – the members of the association were equipped with DEUTER backpacks and sleeping bags, and they provided valuable advice on the performance of the products.

In 1999, the backpack that will become one of the most popular models – AIRCOMFORT-FUTURA was launched, and three years later, the multi-purpose ACT-LITE, which instantly won people with its light weight and innovative design. DEUTER continued to work on improving the safety of cyclists and mountaineers – thus, 2005 saw the introduction of backpacks fitted with a back protector. In the following years, the first line of backpacks with a design optimized for women’s anatomy – SL WOMEN’S FIT, was developed jointly with Gerlinde Kaltenbrunner, who has climbed several eight-thousanders, as well as the elongated EL models designed with taller people in mind. New models of sleeping bags were also launched – the Exosphere and Neosphere, which presented an innovative extension technology for more comfort.

Today, nearly 120 years after its foundation, DEUTER continues to develop and look for innovative technologies, functional design and features that show attention to every detail, with one goal – not to let anything interfere with the pleasure of time spent in nature.