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Buffy – a buff with a cause


My mission is to help as many young people as possible to go to the mountains. In pursuit of their goal to take more children to the mountains, Natural Explorers created me. Their idea was to make something useful and practical to carry the message of the Mountain, I Love You!’ campaign.

By purchasing me, you support the realisation of adventure camps for children and youths who don’t have the chance to be in nature, the ‘Mountain, I Love You!’ campaign.

You can use me in a variety of ways – on your head or neck, as a head accessory or a wristband, and I am a great present Besides, I can be very useful to you in your everyday life: When you feel your head is going to explode  When you forget your book marker; When the stain on your screen becomes unbearable to look at… or when you just need a little cosiness and peace 

BLUE Buffy ‘Blue’ or PURPLE Buffy ‘Lil’Love’, the choice is yours!

Order me by writing to estestvoizpitateli@gmail.com or by sending a message on our Facebook page, at the price/donation of 10 levs.

Give young people nature. Give it also to yourself, your family and friends.

Many smiles and joyful mood!

note: buff is an official product name but it is also used as a general term for a headband the same way xerox and others are used as general terms. However, I am BUFFY – a buff with a cause!