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What are Natural Explorers’ mountain camps? (for the camps in 2018 see below) 

During the mountain camps, children and youths get acquainted with mountaineering – with staying and moving in the mountains, bivouacking, orienteering, biodiversity as well as teamwork, taking and allocating responsibility and making decisions. We follow the principles of learning through experience and encourage creative expression. Playing is an essential tool in learning and entertainment. All this is aimed at realising the importance of connecting with nature and developing the relationship with oneself.

Every CAMP in the ‘Mountain, I Love You!’ campaign is determined by its participants and above all, by their age and physical condition. In addition, another decisive factor is the budget we have. The average duration of one camp is 5 days and it has the following basic elements:

A possible SCHEDULE:

Day 1 – gathering the group, transfer to the mountain (by bus, other means of transport or on foot), getting acquainted with the place and the rules of bivouacking, organising and building a tent camp, creating a group contract and exploring

Day 2 – getting to know each other and strengthening the group’s bonds, first steps in orienteering, rope elements / possible short hike; evening fire and sharing (reflection) – how do I feel and what I have learned today

Day 3 – hiking / orienteering, equipment and behaviour in the mountains; evening fire and sharing – adding to what we’ve learned;

Day 4 – hiking, biodiversity, case solving; summarising we have experienced; evening fire and sharing – for the whole experience – how can I become better for myself, for the others, for the community and for society

Day 5 – breaking up the camp, hiking, final circle; departure

Camps 2018

  • A camp for the younger – 9-11 years of age, 6 participants at least, 10 at most; the place – the area of Chakur Voyvoda hut; dates – 24 – 28.06.2018.
  • A camp for the older – 12-14 years of age, 6 participants at least, 10 at most; the place – the area of Chakur Voyvoda hut; dates – 1- 5.07.2018.