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The future, national scale and partnerships. Now, a year and a half after the start of the campaign, we are convinced in its potential, and we see its long-term development and realization. Our goal is to attract new Benefactors – Natural Explorers and with the raised funds to organise and carry out free of charge adventure camps for children and youths who don’t know the mountains and have limited access to nature. We also aim at creating and developing a network of children and youths who are friends of the mountains. We want to take each and every child and youth to the mountain.

At the next stage we would like ‘Mountain, I Love You!’ to include organisations from around the country that work with children and youths and would like to use the experiential learning methodology in their work. The organisations will select the children who will participate in the adventure camps, and we will provide the teams of the organisations with funds raised from donations and with instructors to help them carry out the camps, as well as with basic training in experiential learning. If the organisations have motivation and resources, we will also include the topic of fundraising in the training and provide the experts needed to teach it.

The bigger vision we have is to create and run a Mountain Training Centre in which children, youths and adults will take part in various experiential programmes and in the everyday life of the community. Our Mountain Training Centre will be a big space for playing and learning outdoors and a place of support and realisation of our connection with nature and ourselves.