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‘Mountain, I Love You!’ started as a fundraising campaign – a project with The Bulgarian Centre for Not-for-Profit Law, in October 2016. Within the project, we created a partnership with Lyubomir Popyordanov and Stenata shops, which became the main benefactors in the project and still are the biggest benefactors in the campaign. They donated a total of 6,000 levs. Thank you! We’ve continued our partnership in the form of community, communicational and team mutual support.

With the money they donated, we bought top-quality mountaineering equipment – tents, sleeping bags, camping mats, ropes, etc. and carried out the first adventure camp in ‘Mountain, I Love You!’ at the beginning of July 2017 in the area of Chakur Voyvoda hut, in the Rila Mountains. Reaching and selecting the young participants posed a communicational challenge which led us to a potential partner in the face of the Teach for Bulgaria network and to establishing a partnership with the ReachOut foundation. ReachOut works with children and adolescents who are in family-type foster care centres, and these children took part in the camp. For six young people aged 12-15, our adventure camp was an unforgettable experience that helped them learn new things about the mountains – how to understand, get to know better, love and preserve them, and they also discovered new things about themselves and others.

The project with The Bulgarian Centre for Not-for-Profit Law ended in 2017 and was successfully reported. The ‘Mountain, I Love You!’ campaign continues with the intention to expand in the next two years.

We thank Palahutev Travel who followed the example set by Stenata shops by donating 2,000 levs and also Maxeon for donating 1,000 levs. We thank our individual benefactors too – Madlen Tahova, Biotiful farm, Miroslav Nikolov. We thank with the smile reflected in children’s eyes. This is trust, support, connectedness!

With these funds, we will carry out two camps in the summer of 2018 with ten participants each.

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