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The mountains up close 2016

The mountains up close 2016

The fourth edition of The Mountains Up Close (with 312 pages and over 420 photos, drawings and diagrams) continues the line of its predecessors with new topics and completely revised articles in correspondence with the dynamic environment in which mountain guides are called upon to work. The edition explores elements of the existential relationship between humans and Nature, and advocates for the mountain guide’s profession in Bulgaria and the way people view it.

The authors – Bulgarian mountain guides and experts in different areas with many years of experience – explore the main issues that interest every mountain guide, mountaineer and traveller, tour guide and student of tourism, forestry and ecology.

Without claiming that their work is exhaustive, they seek to make the mountains and their resources and landscapes and the traditions and culture of the local population closer and more understandable to everybody, and also to make hiking and adventure sports safer.

In a fascinating way, the handbook introduces us to:

  • The history and philosophy of accompanying people in the mountains
  • Geology, mountain meteorology and biodiversity
  • Up-to-date equipment for mountain tourism
  • The dangers in the mountains and the procedures to follow when giving first aid
  • Practical aspects connected to the modern-day means of communication and geolocation
  • Planning, organising and carrying out a trek in the mountains, and working with groups
  • Psychological aspects of working with groups of tourists in normal and extreme situations
  • The legal basis of the profession


  • Publisher: Odisseya-in
  • Pages: 312
  • Dimensions: 16.40 / 23.40 / 1.80 cm
  • Weight: 0.700 kg
  • Sewn and glued
  • Total print: 1,200
  • Sold in the good bookshops and the climbing equipment shops
  • ISBN 978-954-92206-5-0
  • Price: 28,80 levs, shipping to any place in Bulgaria and VAT included

Published at the end of September 2016.

Special price for guides: 24 levs, VAT included. Pick up at Stenata shops or at the office of the Association of tour guides in Bulgaria

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