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The first mountain camp

The first mountain camp

The first free mountain camp in the ‘Mountain, I Love You!‘ campaign will take place from 2 to 6 July in the area of Chakur Voyvoda hut in the Rila Mountains. This camp will bring 12 youths aged 12-14 together and meet them with the mountains. The camp is for youths who have never seen the mountains, don‘t know them or have never had the chance to visit them, although they have the desire, the curiosity, the interest. It is also for young people who are ready to share their knowledge and skills in the mountains. The camp will take place in the open air, we will sleep in tents but we will have our meals in the hut, and in case of a storm we will take shelter there. The mountain camp will give the first participants a unique experience in nature. Young people will gain experience in staying in the mountains, learn a lot about the mountains – how to understand, know and love them, and will discover things about themselves too, and about others as well.

In order to become participants in the camp, young people need to express their motivation and tell us why they want to be among the 12 participants in this mountain adventure camp, which can be done in a variety of forms – with a text, a painting, a video, a song, etc. The important thing is to make it clear why they want to meet and get to know the mountains. It is also important for them to tell us if they have been in the mountains so far, if they have slept in a tent and other things they deem important to share with us. Of course, they should also include their name, years, where they are from, and contacts of their parents. The deadline for “applying” is June 15th. Soon afterwards, we will announce the selected participants. We will have to meet them and their parents in advance, so that we can prepare ourselves well.

On July 2nd early in the morning, we will leave Sofia with organised transport to Borovets. From there to the hut, we will make an easy trek along a dirt road of around 2.30 – 3.00 hours. Most of our luggage will be taken to the hut by car, except for the small bags that will contain water, some food and clothes. When we reach the hut and take a rest, we will make our tent camp and begin to get to know the place and each other with games and fun activities. In the next few days we will learn how to navigate, observe and walk in the mountains – we will hike to a nearby area if the weather permits. We will go through challenges and have fun with games. In the evenings around the fire, we will share what has happened to us during the day, what we have learned, how we feel. On the last day after lunch, we will go back down to Borovets, where our transport will be waiting for us at the appointed time to take us back to Sofia.

We are sure that it won’t be easy to choose 12 young people, but our means determine the number of the participants. We believe and hope that there will be new benefactors – natural explorers in the campaign, and that we will be able to realise many mountain camps with their support. Anyone can get involved in giving a child or a youth the opportunity to meet the mountains.

We thank with all our natural exploring hearts to Stenata shops and Lyubomir Popyordanov for the overall support – financial, social and community support for  the ‘Mountain, I Love You!’ campaign. It is thanks to these benefactors – natural explorers that the campaign is realising its mission – to awaken and strengthen children and young people’s relationship with the mountains.

From the top of the mountain, one can see a lot. Vast expanses, meadows, rivers and woods. There, on top of the mountain, you can see the friend next to you – the one you can count on when it‘s tough and when it‘s easy. On top of the mountain, you can take a peek inside yourself too. In order to find peace, to appreciate, to think.

Email for correspondence: estestvoizpitateli@gmail.com

Telephone number for contact – 0876597935, Sashka Vitanova